Since 2010 I have been designing and making pieces using recycled silver and gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations and ethically sourced stones. My designs are sculpted and textured by hand, inspired by the materials' natural beauty. 

As a teenager, I moved to Cartagena, a colonial city in the Southwest Caribbean in my native Colombia. Every morning, I traveled to the nearby islands to teach scuba diving. From the Caribbean, I moved to Africa, then the Middle East, and the South Pacific, always by the sea, my constant inspiration. In 2009, I settled in Washington, DC, and joined the Corcoran School of Arts and Design, where I studied and worked until 2015. My studio is in the DC metropolitan area. 


Our choices as makers and consumers affect even the most remote paradises. This responsibility leads me on a constant sustainable journey to find materials extracted without chemicals that pollute our oceans, responsibly mined stones, and eco-friendly studio practices.

I experienced firsthand how the pristine reefs I frequented died due to global warming and pollution over 10 to 20 years. This reality forces me to put the environment at the front of every decision I make in my small business.

The recycled silver and gold I use are collected and alloyed at Hoover Strong. This industry-leading refinery sources metals from non-mined, recycled sources, including reclaimed jewelry, silverware, coins, precious metal, and dental scrap.

I use FAIMINED gold. FAIRMINED is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. It supports mining as an active force for good. Find me at https://fairmined.org/where-to-buy-fairmined/.

The stationery, boxes, and packing material are recyclable and made of sustainable paper.

The path to a sustainable and 100% ethical piece of jewelry is not black and white. I offer transparency in the origin of the materials and a commitment to support environmentally responsible sources. I want the story behind each piece to be as beautiful as the piece itself.