This fall, I received a dear gift, both as an aunt and a jeweler. David approached me with a special request to create a unique ring for my niece, Andrea, utilizing his grandmother Marilyn's ring. I was overjoyed by their engagement and felt deeply touched and honored as a jeweler to be entrusted with the creation of a piece to commemorate such a precious moment, especially given that this jewel carries the rich history of a family heirloom.

Marilyn's ring was a fusion of her own ring and her husband's ring. David holds dear the memories encapsulated within this ring and desired to gift Andrea the ring of her dreams—a task filled with emotions. As a jeweler, I was thrilled not only to breathe new life into this precious heirloom but also to incorporate a locally sourced, sustainable grown diamond alongside antique diamonds.

While the project is not yet complete, as the wedding bands are still in progress, I invite you to stay tuned for further updates. 

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