I make each piece using traditional methods used to craft fine jewelry by hand using solid Fairmined gold and recycled silver. Slight variations in form and texture are part of the sculptural and unique character of the work. See care instructions below for specific materials.

Fairmined Gold

Solid Fairmined 14 k and 18 k gold is well suited for everyday wear. 

Clean with warm soapy, water, and a soft toothbrush. 

Recycled Sterling Silver 

Solid Recycled Sterling Silver 925 will benefit from everyday wear, as the natural chemistry of the body prevents tarnishing.

Be aware that beauty products can react with silver, causing it to tarnish and discolor.

Store your silver jewelry in a dry airtight container. Exposure to humidity causes silver jewelry to tarnish over time. 


Stones are set with utmost care to secure them in place; however, it is wise to check the stone's setting yearly. If there is movement, please contact me or approach a local jeweler.  

Diamonds and sapphires are all hard gemstones that do not scratch easily with wear.  


Pearls are natural and delicate, and they can scratch with regular wear. Store pearls in a soft pouch to protect them from other jewelry pieces or hard stones. Clean occasionally, using a soft toothbrush with mild liquid soap. Please be careful when cleaning pearls, as cleaning agents can destroy their luster. Do not use an acid-based cleaner.

Vitreous Enamel 

Vitreous Enamel is glass fused to the metal's surface at 1500 degrees fahrenheit. Store in a soft pouch or box away from other pieces to avoid scratching and breaking.